Sunday, October 7, 2012


Since we opened The Berry Tea Shop over 21/2 years ago we have pretty much worked every Saturday and Sunday, as this is when Berry is at it's busiest.  We usually have our days off on Monday & Tuesday but it's just not the same as sharing the weekend with everyone else.  Today was the first Sunday we had off in a while and it really felt like Sunday (if that makes sense?).   I actually got up early and headed out to the Berry Market then realised I wasn't actually that early as the clock's had gone forward.  There were lots of people out and about and I found it hard to find a parking spot - not usually a problem in Berry.

I happened to find a parking space outside the CWA and was lured in by the sign out the front.  It was a bit early for tea and scones (even for me) but I wandered inside as they were having a car boot sale.

 Unfortunately I didn't find anything there but those scones sure did smell good.  I wandered across the road to the markets and picked up a couple of little treasures...

 A vintage Royal Albert cup and saucer and a few Wedgewood plates (for the shop, of course!)

A few vintage buttons, some thread and an old sewing magazine.  

 And a cute little skirt which was made by a lovely local girl called Marty of Harp Handmade.

After a good few hours browsing the wonderful stalls, I headed home to spend some time in the garden.  I was very excited to see that our seedlings had emerged and are almost ready to planted.  We'll hopefully have lots of home-grown vegies in no time!

The best part of the day was sitting down to a beautiful Sunday roast (again not the same on a Monday) and spending a few hours reading the papers.

I'm now feeling very relaxed and ready for a busy week ahead...

Hope you all enjoyed your Sunday?

Paulina xo